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Quilters' Game Night

Quilters' Game Night at Ann's By Design



The event is full but we are starting a waiting list in case of cancellations, and if the waiting list gets large enough we will add another game night towards the end of summer. Those on the waiting list will be the first ones informed of the next game night. Join the waiting list by calling 517-438-8459 or emailing support@annsbydesign.com.



Enjoy a fun-filled evening with friends old and new at our first ever Quilters’ Game Night! We’ll be playing a round of our new dice trading game called Easy Come, Easy Go.

Game Night will be held on Tuesday, June 27 from 6pm to 8pm. Cost is $20 per person and we’ll also have light refreshments, prizes and exclusive fabric sales!



Batik Textiles Fat Quarters

Our theme for this evening will be Batiks, in honor of our new Batik Textiles fabric collection.

Batik Textiles creates unique fabrics designed in California and hand-dyed in Bali, Indonesia.

Their fabrics are beautiful and have quickly become a shop favorite for both staff and customers.



Quilters' Game Night

Easy Come, Easy Go is an amalgamation of Left Center Right and Trader’s Dice, with a bit of a twist.

Players start with a “Bank” of 34 pieces of “Currency” – in this case 5-inch fabric squares – and play starts by placing half of your bank (17 pieces) in the middle of the table to create the “Treasury”.

Players roll three 6-sided dice – 1 red, 1 blue and 1 black – and play according to the rules (in numerical order):

  • Roll a 1 – Hold action (pass)
  • Roll a 2 – Trade one currency with the person on your left
  • Roll a 3 – Trade one currency with the person on your right
  • Roll a 4 – Trade one currency with the person across from you
  • Roll a 5 – Take one currency from the treasury
  • Roll a 6 – Everyone at the table passes their entire bank to the person on their left

After following the rules for all three dice, play passes to the player on the left. Play continues until the treasury is empty. At the end of the game, the player with the most currency in their bank wins!

Did you figure out the twist? :)

We play-tested Easy Come, Easy Go last week and it was SO. MUCH. FUN! We were laughing so hard, and every time we traded away a square we didn’t like someone would roll a 6 and we’d get it right back again!

We know for a fact this game creates happy memories and we can’t wait to share it with you.



Quilters' Game Night

We’ll have one prize (valued at $25-35) for the winner at each table, as well as one grand prize drawing for the entire night – a 4-pack bundle of coordinating 1-yard cuts of our new Batik Textiles fabric collection, valued at $48!

Everyone will leave with the squares left in their bank at the end of the game, and a Table Runner pattern designed by our very own Kathy Tripp to make use of the batiks in your winnings!



Fabric Sales

In addition to a night of fun and games, we will also have exclusive fabric sales for those who attend Game Night.

All fabric yardage in the back room (affectionately known as Steals and Deals) will be $5/yard.

All fabric yardage on the main floor will be $8/yard, including our new Batik Textiles fabric collection.

All Game Night fabric sales are based on minimum 1-yard cuts and a minimum of 5-yards total purchase.

We’ll also be honoring our Fat Quarter Friday prices that night, with all Fat Quarters (normally $2.75 each) priced at 5 for $10.



Quilters' Game Night

If you join us for Game Night, your $20 entry fee will earn you:

  • A night of fun with our new dice trading game – “Easy Come, Easy Go”
  • 34 pieces of 5-inch fabric squares for your starting Bank (at least 17 squares are guaranteed to go home with you!)
  • Light Refreshments
  • A FREE Table Runner Pattern
  • Access to our One-Night Fabric Sale
    • All Back Room Fabric $5/yard
    • All Main Floor Fabric $8/yard
    • All Fat Quarters 5 for $10
    • Minimum 1-yard cuts, Minimum 5-yards total purchase (Mix-N-Match)
  • A chance to win prizes!
  • A chance to meet new friends who share your love of fabric!

Game Night has a maximum of 20 players! Register online now through the link below or call 517-438-8459 to save your spot!

Tuesday, June 27 from 6pm to 8pm

$20 per person



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