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Two-Sided Circle Quilt Class

Two-Sided Circle Quilt


Guest Instructor Denise Olson will lead you through her pattern for the Two-Sided Circle Quilt. Not only is this quilt two-sided, but you can make it any size you’d like. AND, it is quilt-as-you-go, so when you finish assembling it, you are all done!


In this one-day class, you will make a 19” x 19” unit. You can stop there and use it as a table topper, or you will know everything you need to know to make a quilt of any size. See pattern to determine how much fabric you will need to ultimately complete the quilt in the size you desire.


If you plan to only make a small sample (19” x 19” table topper), you will need ¾ yards of background fabric, 1 yard of flannel and several assorted scraps for 4 ½” squares and 2” x 6” rectangles.


Class Requirements


Before class, you will need to prepare as follows:


  1. Prewash your flannel material (whether you prewash your other fabrics or not)
  2. Cut the following amounts of fabric (only do the regular quilt or the two-color quilt, not both). This will give you enough fabric to complete a section and learn all of the steps in class:
  • Background fabric: (the center of your circles): Cut nine 8½” squares
  • Flannel: Cut nine 8½” squares and six 1¾” x 6” rectangles
  • For regular quilt (as pictured): From a variety of fabrics, cut a total of thirty-six 4½” squares and twelve 2” x 6” rectangles.
  • For two-color quilt (not pictured): From your second fabric, cut nine 8½” squares and twelve 2” x 6” rectangles.
  1. Bring the following items:
  • Sewing Machine (and operating manual)
  • Fabrics (& scraps)
  • Thread for piecing and thread for topstitching (which will be your quilting)
  • Size 90/14 needle (for topstitching)
  • One sheet of transparent template plastic (no less than 9” square)
  • Fabric scissors & craft scissors,
  • Quilter’s ruler (8½” square or a 6” x 12” ruler will do)
  • Fabric marking pen/pencils
  • Pins
  • Bodkin (Turning tool)
  1. The following items are optional but you may find them very helpful if you have them:
  • Pinking shears or a pinking blade for your rotary cutter
  • Walking Foot (if your machine has one) may be helpful in topstitching.


If you have any questions about the project or the class, you may contact the instructor, Denise Olson, at djolson2005@hotmail.com (please use the words “circle quilt” in the subject line).


Class will run 5 hours, and will be offered on both a weekday and Saturday. Unlike most classes at Ann's By Design, since there is so much pre-work required for this class we are allowing students to use their own fabric if they desire. We have the flannel available if you need it, and all students receive 10% off class materials. If you need to purchase materials we strongly suggest coming to the shop to purchase supplies at least 3 days prior to the class date.


Two-Sided Circle Quilt Class
Saturday, October 13 OR Thursday, October 18, from 10am to 3pm
$35 per person plus supplies

Class Length: 1 session
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Instructor: Denise Olson





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